My name is dreams
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How did I get the inspiration to begin this journey?
Living a healthy, green life has been a passion for over 25 years. I understood the importance of living a life that is environmentally responsible at an early age. Being troubled with bronchitis, and various allergies from my early childhood days until adulthood forced me to find a better way. I researched and discovered the many environmental contributors to my health related struggles and worked tirelessly to remediate the underlying causes. As is often the case, the immediate focus was centered on managing the situation rather than discovering and eliminating the underlying cause.

By asking the question what caused it? What could I have done to prevent it and how could I spread the good news that I/we do not have to live with the toxic burden holding us hostage to a life of ill health and dependence on toxic living? The ability to shift my paradigm from a life of toxic dependence to living a life free from the things that contributed to ill health and lack of productivity in all aspects of my life was an still is a key moment in the creation of My Name is Green.

What happened next?

The shift began with minor changes. I started with what I could control. I altered my choices. The difference was noticeable so I made a few more adjustments that were within my budget. I then realized that this could make an impact on a larger scale as well. Taking these steps will no doubt contribute in a positive way to our community and the environment.

Our Goal.

My Name is Green was started because of the need to share with families, businesses and other organizations the importance of shifting from toxic dependence to a green and sustainable way…at home, at work and at play.


A green business or home is just smart living and working. Going green provides bottom line cost savings, as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace, while realizing significant cost savings and health benefits. Being greenis also a great way to attract highest quality employees. Learn how to meet your needs without compromising the ability of others to meet their own. The ability to live, work and play without taking away from future generations is not only good for businesses and families alike, it is a great way of investing in tomorrow today!

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