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What is away?

Something to think about! What is away?

Away is a place that we never took the time to visit
Away is a place that is covered with dreams of tomorrow
It is a place where builders never build
It is a place where we hide away from the news of the day
It is a place where tomorrow is some distant planet
It is you covered in debris, it is you immersed in sludge
It is filled with the excess from our “unavoidable convenience” culture

Away is somewhere, somewhere where you have never been
Away is neither here nor there some say it is somewhere outside of reality
It is the only place where we send our history and our future to disappear…forever
It is a place where forever stumbles upon a mountain called a nightmare
It is a plastic oceans reflecting sunlight and choking marine life
It is a wasteland hidden from view yet growing bigger everyday
It is all of us detached, yet together in a future that stumbles for meaning

Where is a away? Away is the question and the answer.

It is paradise of toxic
It is a treasure trove of broken promises
It is homes united in convenience
It is businesses at war with each other…the victor lives to pollute another day
It is somewhere…where exactly? Only you could say.
Could you tell me? Could you tell us? Could you tell yourself…where is away?