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Hydrogen opportunity

My Name is Green can provide several residential solutions such as power & heat generation solutions for houses using our extended range of fuel cell power generators and battery chargers as well as transportation solutions using our Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles.

Can any home use them and are there any special requirements? Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 1kW up to 10kW can be easily installed on residents providing clean power and heat with increased efficiency minimizing your energy costs. By using our reformate power generation systems (supplying them with Natural Gas, LPG, Methanol and Propane) someone can even produce his/her own hydrogen which can be then stored on hydrogen tanks and refill the Fuel Cell Vehicles. Thus, My Name is Green provides a complete residential solution for anyone who likes to be independent using hydrogen power.

But even if you don’t have Natural Gas, Methanol or LPG you can still implement those hydrogen fuel cell power systems (with the aid of a water electrolyser) with your solar photovoltaic system, wind generator or any other renewable energy source having a hybrid system which will never let you down. A fully hybrid system can then provide electricity to your house, charge the batteries of your electric (or hybrid) vehicle (car, scooter or bicycle) or even sell the excess power to the grid, where tariff plans are available.

Further, smaller portable power generators e.g. 1kW could often be used for battery charging or a small back up system in areas with frequent power shortages or in residents at rural areas or even during your vacation if you are an enthusiast of camping or at your caravan.

We have a solution for you. What sets us apart will put you ahead!

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