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My Name is Green provides coaching to businesses in lean and green thinking. The focus is on developing the internal capacity of organizations to achieve sustainable and positive results. By focusing on process improvements, financial savings and employee engagement, companies see results.

My Name is Green provides expertise in the following:

1. Carbon Footprint Training/Coaching

2. Carbon Footprint Consulting & Preparation

3. Lean and Green Training/Coaching/Consulting

4. Corporate Sustainability Planning/Coaching/Consulting

SAVE up to 15% in fuel costs

Our fuel reduction system is engineering at its best. There is no other fuel efficiency device in the world that uses such sophisticated technology guaranteeing a more efficient, cleaner burn that improves performance, reduces emissions and helps protect the environment.

It is not enough to know about it, it is to be about it. We want everyone to be about it. Be about the change that we want to see. Change starts today, Change starts with you!

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