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My NAME IS GREEN Complete Ocean to Tap Water Treatment Solution Record droughts, increased water usage, dwindling freshwater supplies.  Worldwide water shortages are
here now, and may very well be around for the foreseeable future. End to End or ocean to tap water treatment has been talked about and now there is a solution that is effective.If you need to desalinate seawater, your brackish aquifer or another brackish supply to provide a reliable source of the highest quality drinking water to your citizens, residents, or customers, My Name Is Green is your solution.

My Name is Green Ocean-to-Tap Desalination systems provide End-to-End treatment of any brackish water source to potable (drinking water quality) standards. Where your country, state, city, or municipality may not have the budget to afford the capital outlay required for other desalination options, and perhaps even raising bonds to complete the task is asking too much in this economy My Name is Green complete water treatment processes will be a welcome solution. We may be able to provide the financing necessary to bring fresh water to your city, state, or country, all for a simple monthly lease payment at or below your current market rates for fresh water.

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