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Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies? Is your home and life toxic free? With an audit of your home we can evaluate and make recommendations that frees your family and home of toxic pathogens that are robbing you and your family of a truly healthy life. Can you live toxic free? YES YOU CAN!

Can you imagine how good it would feel knowing your home is a healthy place to raise your family?

We need to trust our body. Our body often tells us when something is wrong in our environment. The tell tale signs that something is wrong includes the following:

1. Frequent sick days
2. Sleepy especially while awake
3. Foul odor in your home
4. Allergies that just won’t go away
5. Moderate to severe headache
6. Extreme irritability
7. Skin irritation and redness
8. Watery or burning eyes
9. Fever
10. Nausea and vomiting


1. I just do not know any other way

2. It is easy for me (convenient)

3. Everyone I know is living this way

4. The cost is just too high to do otherwise


1. Do a toxic inventory (get help)

2. Get to the low hanging fruits

3. Your water quality and consumption demand

4. Your air Quality (VOCs, car, furnace, carpet, pets, paint, circulation, molds etc.)

5. Lifestyle…what am I throwing away (clothing, food, perfume, soaps, detergent, laundry solutions, shampoo, garden/lawn, etc.)

6. Packaging (PET bottles, bags, food package, etc.)

7. Energy source (gas, electric, solar, wind, bio-mass and hydrogen)

We will help you in your transition. Know that we are with you every step of the way.

Strategies to help you with the transition